Faculty of Car Polishing

In this faculty, people wash and polish cars, aiming for the ultimate mirror finish that many legendary Polishers have attempted and successfully achieved. By washing and polishing cars, we gain a sensorial experience of the map of the world. The more you polish, the more the car's body becomes mirror-like. A perfectly polished body not only reflects the outside world, but also blurs the boundaries between the car itself and the surrounding environment. Polishers' hands touch the borderline between the external world, and the internal world of the car chassis. When this happens, Polishers need to have a strong consciousness of themselves, otherwise they may be sucked into the allure of the mirrored body. If students want to become true Polishers, they must conquer this temptation. In the past, countless Polishers have been seduced by the mirror image of their own creations. The universe that we believe in today may have already merged with the ultimate Toyota Vitz mirror facade, buffed up by the legendary Polishers Takayuki and Naohiro. If you ever face the danger of being tempted by this sheen, you must repeat the following incantation: "To polish a car is to slowly wipe off the external coating".

Text for "METRONOME No.11 What is to be done? Tokyo"
Edited by Clementine Deliss.
Special edition for documenta 12 magazines

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